Trackball mice for 3d modeling, CAD work, design

I've been using Logitech trackball mice for the last 7+ years now and one travels with my laptop case as I can't handle going back to a standard mouse. The precision and accuracy are far superior, especially as you can lift your thumb entirely off the trackball so the cursor doesn't move while you click. Another big advantage for multiple displays or a single large display (43" in my case), you can get the cursor from one side to the other with one flick of your thumb vs pounding away on your mousepad with multiple moves. I'll link in (Amazon affiliate disclaimer) a couple of the mice that I've had personal experience with. My current choice is the Logitech MX Ergo:  This is a solid, heavy mouse with a nice rubber texture and a tilting base. I love the quality feel of it. It has a few programmable buttons, a DPI selector to quickly switch to precision mode, and Bluetooth besides the normal Logitech unifying receiver.

Prior to this, I used a Logitech M570: A very reasonably priced option, this lacks the tilting base, a few buttons, and the heft and rubberized finish of the MX Ergo. Still, a solid mouse that I used for years and it's still in use at another workstation here in the office.